Unified Care Navigation for Injured Workers and Employers

We combine breakthrough technology with empathy driven services to minimize the impact of workplace accidents on workers, employers, and insurers. 

"Every injured worker is assigned an injury concierge from the start. We have seen a significant reduction in questions and concerns from our employees who where injured."

"The mobile solutions of ChronWell gave us a more effective way to record injuries and facilitate prompt follow-up from other teams at our headquarters."

Results & Stats

ChronWell Service:

  • 36% reduction in litigated claims

  • 34% reduction in higher risk claims

  • 22% reduction in overall claim costs

  • Improved coordination and communication


The annual cost to U.S. business of time lost to workplace injuries is greater than the gross domestic product (GDP) of 91 countries. World Monetary Fund


Serious, nonfatal workplace injuries amounted to nearly $60 billion in direct U.S. workers’ compensation costs. This translates into more than one billion dollars a week spent by businesses on these injuries.‚Äč 2018 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index



"Their technology-backed solution incorporates some extremely advanced technology."

James Johnson, MedTech Breakthrough Awards

“ChronWell is committed to helping you help injured workers by using our innovative software solution to enable open lines of communication throughout the workers compensation claim process – from injury, to claim resolution, to return to work.“

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