Our Mission

To help healthcare providers and insurers deliver optimal care beyond the medical practice with excellent teams empowered by scalable technology.

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Our Story

ChronWell was formed in 2017 by the team that built the largest Gastroenterology information technology platform in the US with the vision to change Workers Compensation by spending the right amount of time on the simple things that can help injured workers and patients take giant leaps forward.

The company eventually developed a unique and dynamic platform that tracked the progress of an injury from the initial point in which a worker was injured through return to work.  This lead to a revolutionary Early Intervention program that has helped reduce costs, track injuries and assist in appropriate reporting. As the platform evolved, the team realized our solutions could be used on a larger scale to help

healthcare providers manage expensive chronic conditions beyond the medical practice, capitalizing on new care management opportunities approved by Medicare.  Traditional practices did not have the team or information systems to manage patients remotely and they relied on our experience partnering with large medical practices to implement innovative programs to reach beyond the practice.  The new COVID-19 Pandemic accelerated our development timeline and forced impaired practices to activate new revenue lines to manage patients remotely, leading to a different way to think about patient care.  This story is still being written today

Our Vision

To improve healthcare by extending the reach of all providers beyond their practice to improve outcomes and reduce cost through innovation.

ChronWell is here to lead the way for a new workers’ compensation system that is focused on better, more compassionate and more respectful care. ChronWell’s forward-thinking approach features cost-effective services that help injured workers more easily achieve claim resolution, recover and return to work faster — all at a lower cost to the employer.


Innovation is the pulse of the ChronWell culture. Our like-minded and collaborative team generates meaningful ideas with impact.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ChronWell was founded in 2017 by Dr. Joe Rubinsztain, Salomon Sredni and Sam Rubinsztain.  The purpose: To disrupt the healthcare and workers’ compensation system in America with an efficient, technology-driven approach to manage care. ChronWell is an innovative company that helps healthcare providers deliver excellent care to patients and injured workers beyond the medical practice.  With new technologies paired with in-the-flesh care professionals, ChronWell directs coordinated-care services for patients with chronic conditions and workplace injuries.


Joe Rubinsztain, MD

CEO and Co-Founder

Innovation is high on Joe’s priority list. By the time ChronWell launched in 2017, Joe—a seasoned entrepreneur and leader in Healthcare Information Technology—was already shaking things up. His trailblazing can-do attitude has always pushed him toward fulfilling unmet needs. He founded gMed in 1997, a firm that was recently sold to Modernizing Medicine. Joe continues on a path of active investment and plays a strategic role as a sought-after board member for businesses, NGOs, and very focused on disrupting the Workers Compensation space.

Sam Rubinsztain

President and Co-Founder

Sam is a respected and accomplished product leader in the Healthcare Information Technology field. Not only does his name accompany the launch and management of award-winning clinical and financial products, but he is also known as a co-founder of gMed, which was recently sold to Modernizing Medicine. Sam continues to play a strategic role as an active investor and board member in the Healthcare Information, Administrative and Insurance Technology space.

Teo Morell

VP Engineering

A proven technology leader, Teo has more than 25 years of experience managing high-performance teams and complex mission-critical solutions. His relationship with ChronWell’s co-founders dates back 14 years when Teo worked alongside Sam and Joe as the VP of Engineering at gMed.

Nev Terzieva

EVP of Customer Success

Nev is an experienced sales executive and a sales leader. She brings to the team deep understanding of technology, healthcare, and the cross-section of the two. Her professional accomplishments also span areas of product development, product launch, and commercialization. She brings to the team deep understanding of sales management, healthcare, insurance, and technology.

Matt Schreiber

Chief Revenue Officer

With 25 plus years in healthcare and workers’ compensation as a senior leader, Matt is Chronwell’s Chief Revenue Officer. Joining the team in 2018, he is responsible for all commercial aspects of the organization with a specific focus on growth and customer success. Matt held senior management positions at Modernizing Medicine, gMed, myMatrixx, PMSI, Cigna and Merck-Medco. Matt earned his MBA and a second master’s degree in technology from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  His undergraduate degree was completed at the University of Cincinnati where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Planning Administration.

Marina Simonian

VP of Product Management

Marina brings  14 years of experience in Healthcare IT and product management, spanning a multitude of roles in the definition, design, development and delivery of award winning products. She holds a Masters in Psychology from Yerevan State University in Armenia, and an MBA from Texas A&M University. Marina combines her passion for design-driven product innovation with life-long interest in behavioral economics and psychology.


David Deitz, MD, PhD


David is a physician with a distinguished background having served as the National Medical Director for Liberty Mutual Insurance and Chief Medical Officer for W3Health. His 25-plus years of consulting includes group health and commercial insurers in the areas of workers’ compensation, managed medical care, health care outcomes, and utilization management systems. David serves on task forces and committees nationwide.

Melinda Hayes, MS


Melinda Hayes has over 37 years of experience in medical cost containment in the workers’ compensation industry.  She initially spent 16 years managing healthcare branches for Crawford & Company.  Ms. Hayes founded the company M Hayes in 1999, growing a regional company into a national provider serving the largest worker’s compensation payers.  She is recognized for formalizing a national service delivery structure as a better option for payers to obtain the best local quality through a single source management design.  M Hayes ranked in the top 10 case management firms in the industry, per Business Insurance.

Ms. Hayes started in the industry following in the steps of her father, who spent his career opening new claims branches for Crawford as an early pioneer of the third-party administration business.


ChronWell has received several awards for our innovative platform and 21st Century workers’ compensation solution. We take pride in the recognition that these awards represent.


Work with ChronWell. Innovate and Create. It takes a passionate team to get behind a big fix.

White Papers

Forward-thinking White Papers are here to help employers and insurers adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the workers’ compensation system in America. Our team has prepared several White Papers that reflect our strategic approach to the ChronWell platform as we heal an otherwise broken system.

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