Our Mission

To help healthcare providers and insurers deliver optimal care beyond the medical practice with excellent teams empowered by scalable technology.

Our Vision

To improve healthcare by extending the reach of all providers beyond their practice, improve outcomes and reduce costs through innovation and digital transformation.


The Beginning of Chronwell

ChronWell was formed in 2017 by the team that built the largest Gastroenterology information technology platform in the US with the vision to change Workers Compensation by spending the right amount of time on the simple things that can help injured workers and patients take giant leaps forward.

A revolutionary Early Intervention program

The company eventually developed a unique and dynamic platform that tracked the progress of an injury from the initial point in which a worker was injured through return to work.  This lead to a revolutionary Early Intervention program that has helped reduce costs, track injuries and assist in appropriate reporting. As the platform evolved, the team realized our solutions could be used on a larger scale to help healthcare providers manage expensive chronic conditions beyond the medical practice, capitalizing on new care management opportunities approved by Medicare.

Traditional practices did not have the team or information systems to manage patients remotely and they relied on our experience partnering with large medical practices to implement innovative programs to reach beyond the practice.  The new COVID-19 Pandemic accelerated our development timeline and forced impaired practices to activate new revenue lines to manage patients remotely, leading to a different way to think about patient care.  This story is still being written today

Our Team

Joe Rubinsztain Profile

Joe Rubinsztain, MD

CEO and Co-Founder

Sam Rubinsztain Profile

Sam Rubinsztain

President and Co-Founder

Nev Terzieva Profile

Nev Terzieva

President, Clinical Services Division

Marina Simonian Profile

Marina Simonian

VP of Product Management


Myron Falchuck Profile

Myron Falchuck, MD


Stephen Harrison Profile

Stephen Harrison, M.D, FACP, FAASLD


Donna Cryer Profile Profile

Donna Cryer


Paul Haddad Profile

Paul Haddad


Paul Haddad Profile

Paul Haddad


Gary Leibowitz Profile

Gary Leibowitz



2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards
The MedTech Breakthrough Awards (medtechbreakthrough.com) recognize the top companies, people, platforms and products in the health, fitness and medical technology industries today.
Addy Awards 2018 (American Advertising Awards)
ChronWell "A New Path" Animation 2018 GOLD ADDY Award Winner.
ChronWell, Marquee Award Winner
Patient Engagement: Best Patient Relationship Management Solution
Business Insurance 2019 Innovation Award
Chronwell wins Business Insurance 2019 Innovation Award!