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ChronWell works with both Physicians and Patients as an innovation-driven company built on improving patient’s lives, creating efficiencies in the practice and extending care beyond the walls of the physicain's office. By taking a holistic, tailored and technology-enabled approach, we are a trusted partner in the patient care continuum with the ability to offer specialty care for targeted populations.

With a focus on providing Chronic Care Management (CCM), Principal Care Management (PCM),  Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) or Transition of Care Management (TCM), our goal is to deliver significant savings to the healthcare industry, increased revenue opportunities to physicians’ practices, and  improved patient outcomes.

Reimbursement Potential

Physicians who participate in CMS' chronic care programs should expect similar revenue results*:

Number of Patients Per Physician Percentage of Medicare Patients Percentage of Patients Enrolled in Program Expected Annual Revenue
2500 35% 40% $170,000
2000 35% 40% $140,000
1500 35% 40% $105,000


*Individual revenue will vary based on local payer rules, patient population and other conditions

Why Physicians Should Consider a Chronic Care Management Program

  • Help manage patients’ chronic conditions more effectively
  • Demonstrate improved outcomes
  • Improve communication between other treating clinicians
  • Provide increase revenue for their practice
Why Physicians Should Consider a Chronic Care Management Program

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