Extends clinical services beyond the walls of the doctor’s office by creating and implementing remote, specialty care management programs for patients with qualifying conditions

ChronWell, a technology-enabled remote care and injury management company, today announced the addition of its Care Management Program which focuses on targeted populations by offering remote, technology-enabled products and services, including Chronic Care Management (CCM), Principal Care Management (PCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). The program brings new lines of revenue to physicians and improves outcomes for Medicare and selected private beneficiaries with chronic conditions.

“COVID-19 accelerated physician adoption of remote care programs,” said Joe Rubinsztain, CEO of ChronWell. “Expanding our proven platform to help physicians and nurses deliver better care was only natural. We are thrilled to offer practices a faster way to restart with remote solutions that are in line with the new healthcare environment.”

Most patients with chronic conditions spend less than a few hours per year with their physician. ChronWell extends that care through dedicated care managers and advanced technologies that consider all aspects of a patient’s ecosystem – from health and diet to a multitude of behavioral, psychological and environmental determinants – in order to create a patient-centric program of remote care management services designed to minimize complications, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

ChronWell’s Care Management Program provides value to physicians by helping manage and improve the health of patients with chronic conditions and extending the care beyond the office visit with innovative solutions designed to deliver value-based care and attractive revenue opportunities.

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To learn more about ChronWell’s Care Management Program, please visit http://www.chronwell.com/care-coordination.

About ChronWell
ChronWell improves outcomes and reduces the cost of health care by offering remote care coordination services for targeted populations. ChronWell is redefining how value-based care is delivered to both Medicare beneficiaries who suffer from chronic conditions and workers injured at their job. By pairing highly skilled care teams with advanced technologies, ChronWell aims to improve patients’ lives beyond the walls of the physician’s office and minimize the impact of chronic conditions and workplace accidents on patients, providers, employers and insurers. For more information, follow us on LinkedIn or visit http://www.chronwell.com.