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What is ChronWell?

ChronWell is changing the broken Workers' Compensation System in America. We’re opening the lines of communication between employers, insurers and injured workers. Our platforms are transforming care delivery, helping everyone in a more personal way, guiding injured workers to faster recovery and a speedier return to work and providing cost savings for employers.

What is the ChronWell tagline?

Injured workers need care that matters. Our tagline is "Empathy-driven technology for the injured worker." The team wanted to create a new and innovative solution that was more humane and compassionate and a viable alternative to a less-than-empathetic workers' compensation system in America up to now. By providing a more thoughtful and caring approach, our technology and people help injured employees, employers and insurers navigate workers' compensation in a more humane and cost-effective way. It's a win-win for all parties with:

  • Faster recovery for injured workers
  • Cost-savings for employers

What services does ChronWell provide?

ChronWell has designed a holistic solution to fill the void that occurs following a workplace injury. It is a helpful guide for all parties — employees, employers, insurers and providers — from the time of a workplace accident* to claim filing, resolution and a swift return to work for injured employees. ChronWell offers a complete solution:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) paired with healthcare and administrative professionals
  • A product system that boosts accuracy, engagement and transparency
  • Methods to bridge the gap between employee, employer and insurer
  • A new way to maintain open lines of communication
  • Innovative streamlining of management and administrative tasks

How will ChronWell help my organization/workplace?

Recovry™ is a cost-effective platform that is a hybrid between human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assess workplace injuries,* provide initial recommendations and act as a personal recovery assistant for injured employees, managing each case and helping with claim filing, payments, appointments and more.

Recovry™ makes optimal recommendations and opens the lines of communication between injured employees, employers, payors and providers. It helps eliminate red tape and makes the process flow seamlessly from the moment of the incident* through claim filing and case resolution.

The platform works in real-time with tools and analytics to more effectively manage workplace incidents with:

  • Initial recommendations for injury* management
  • Notifications and real-time communications
  • Intelligent forms processing
  • Care coordination
  • Automatic claim filing
  • Progress tracking and risk assessment
  • Compliance with best practices 

*Except life and limb-threatening emergencies

How does ChronWell help when a work-related injury* happens?

You can rely on our team of human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts to suggest the best course of action via the ChronWell Injury Hotline. We will also immediately connect injured workers with their employers and insurance via the Recovry™ App, providing continuing assistance, communication and suggestions throughout the whole recovery process to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties.

*Except life and limb-threatening emergencies

What is Recovry™?

This is our signature technology platform. We've designed it to offer cost-effective injury* management and care coordination services to help break down bottlenecks.

Recovry helps organizations/workplaces to:

  • Improve the quality of care
  • Provide a heightened level of care, compassion and resolution to workers' compensation claims
  • Lower the cost of workplace injuries

How does the Recovry™ App work?

The Recovry™ App is a mobile app that injured workers download after calling the Injury Hotline. It helps them get back on their feet faster with:

  • An artificial intelligence (AI) case manager/personal assistant that eliminates dead ends, service gaps and communication breakdowns to ensure optimal health and financial outcomes.
  • A communication hub with ChronWell, employers, insurers and administrators.
  • An information sharing center with employers and insurers on various stages of recovery, claim progress and other important matters such as work absences and more.

How does ChronWell use AI to help with injured workers' claims?

Recovry™ uses Artificial intelligence (AI) improve workplace incident* management and communicate with all parties. By using advanced analytics, machine learning and natural language processing, ChronWell is able to help more people faster without compromising quality of care.

AI and human experts are paired to coordinate care for injured employees, helping them address their injury* and maneuver the complex process of claim filing, recovery, resolution and return to work.

The ChronWell Recovry™ platform provides efficient tools designed for the parties managing and executing the Workers' Compensation claim and recovery process, including injured employees, employers and adjusters. The ChronWell platform helps:

  • Employers, adjusters, insurers and payors communicate securely, report payments and monitor progress, engagement and risk.
  • Coordinate care and appointment scheduling for injured employees and helps provide answers to general questions.

How much does Recovry™ cost for Injured Workers?

There is no cost for Injured Workers to download the Recovry™ App from the App Store® and the Google Play Store®.​

How much does Recovry™ cost for insurers and employers?

We are launching Recovry Central™ with an introductory price of $195 per incident.* Please contact us at for more information.

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