Comprehensive Early Intervention for the 21st Century

ChronWell minimizes the impact of workplace accidents and helps you respond quickly and effectively. Watch our video to learn more about our services and technology.

A Suite of Tools to Meet Everyone’s Needs

Comprehensive Early Intervention

For Insurers, Employers, 
and Injured Workers

Remove obstacles to treatment, assesses risks and provide the right help with early intervention. Risk management tools help you address workplace issues quickly and effectively.

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ChronWell Web

For Insurers & Employers

Employers and insurance groups can simultaneously manage multiple cases through the ChronWell Web. Our AI-backed platform helps you seamlessly assess the costs and risks involved in each case.

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ChronWell App

For Injured Workers

Tailor-made for employees on the mend, our app helps injured workers communicate with their employer, TPA and insurance company, schedule appointments and fill prescriptions.

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Who We Serve

Recovry helps insurers, employers and injured workers navigate workers’ compensation.

Did You Know…

The annual cost to U.S. business of time lost to workplace injuries is greater than the gross domestic product (GDP) of 91 countries.

- World Monetary Fund

Serious, nonfatal workplace injuries amounted to nearly $60 billion in direct U.S. workers’ compensation costs. This translates into more than one billion dollars a week spent by businesses on these injuries.​

- 2018 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index

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Customers Who’ve Used ChronWell Have Seen a…


Reduction in litigated claims


Reduction in higher risk claims


Reduction in overall claim costs

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What Our Customers
Are Saying

Communicating frequently with our employees when they’re out of work with a work-related injury is paramount to earning trust. ChronWell opened up the channels of communication so that we could stay in constant contact and make sure injured workers never feel alone in the recovery process. ”

– Santiago Martin, Jr.

CEO of Trilogy Group

Mobilizing safety teams to respond to incidents over a large region is a challenge. The mobile solutions of ChronWell gave us a more effective way to record injuries and facilitate prompt follow up from other teams at our headquarters.”

– Juan Zaldivar

Director of Safety, Cream of the Crop

See Chronwell in action and schedule a demo with our team today.

See ChronWell in action and schedule a demo with our team today.

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