For Healthcare Providers

Working with ChronWell will allow providers to continue to practice medicine while partnering and entrusting a team that understands the specialty environment through years of experience. Our Care Managers act as an extension of your team to enrolled manage these patients remotely. Our approach allows physicians to use their valuable time and assets on the highest priorities.



Detecting and managing 85M+ patients with NAFLD is a challenge of epic proportions.  We created LIVErHEALTHY™ to help your practice deliver state-of-the art care using digital therapeutics, a new medical field that uses high quality software algorithms to deliver evidence-based medical interventions under your supervision.  By combining advanced technology with our caring team of professionals your practice can deliver high-quality personalized care without hiring an army of coaches, nurses and supervisors.  LIVErHEALTHY™ offers a clinical service line with proven outcomes and guaranteed profitability from day 1, without any burden or investment.



Therapeutic Weight Loss

2 in every 5 patients suffer from obesity in the United States, however few practices have the personnel or incentives to tackle this problem effectively.  Our Therapeutic Weight Loss program combines multiple disciplines like diet, exercise, remote monitoring and coaching with advanced technologies to offer patients an effective treatment under your direct supervision.  Practices using our Therapeutic Weight Loss platform have a profitable service line delivering world-class results without any significant workload or the expense of hiring an army of nurses, dietitians, coaches and supervisors.

Digital Care Management

Every patient is unique, but comorbidities are common.  ChronWell already helps many practices manage common digestive conditions like IBS, GERD, IBD and Chronic Constipation under existing care management and remote monitoring codes.  By combining new technologies with our proven medical specialty expertise we can offer you a profitable way to care for patients beyond the walls of the practice.

Digital Care Management

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