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Patients should expect ChronWell to provide a dedicated care manager who will provide professional care management through consistent and frequent remote communication. Our team is highly trained in providing a systematic assessment of the patient’s medical, functional, and psychosocial needs. Our team will use technology-based approaches to ensure education, goal setting, and self-management of their chronic condition(s).



Did you know that one in every three adults in the United States suffers from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)?

Patients with NAFLD may have no symptoms, but their liver may have excess fat, become inflamed and develop light to severe scarring that leads to life-threatening complications.  The good news is that in many cases this condition is reversible with diet, exercise, medication and close medical supervision.  If you suffer from obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus or high cholesterol ask your doctor about LIVErHEALTHY™, the only program designed to detect, monitor and treat NAFLD.





Therapeutic Weight Loss

2 in every 5 patients suffer from obesity in the United States, but the age-old advice to improve your diet and have an active lifestyle are simply not enough.  Our Therapeutic Weight Loss program connects you with your doctor and team to deliver an easy-to-follow program that may be covered by your insurance*.  Practices using our Therapeutic Weight Loss program provide you with a personalized plan designed by your doctor in partnership with dietitians, therapists and exercise coaches via your smartphone or directly through our qualified care navigators.  If your doctor already uses ChronWell’s Therapeutic Weight Loss platform you should expect results similar or better than other leading programs.

Digital Care Management

You are unique, and while you have known conditions, you prefer a treatment plan that factors in your lifestyle.  ChronWell has partnered with many leading practices to treat common gastrointestinal conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, constipation and inflammatory bowel disease with advanced technologies and a caring extension team to keep you always connected and improving.  Ask your doctor if Digital Care Management is right for you.

Digital Care Management

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