For Healthcare Providers

Working with ChronWell will allow providers to continue to practice medicine while partnering and entrusting a team that understands the specialty environment through years of experience. Our Care Managers act as an extension of your team to enrolled manage these patients remotely. Our approach allows physicians to use their valuable time and assets on the highest priorities.

The ChronWell team through your oversight and remote technologies will focusesĀ on:

  • Routine check-ins in between office visits and procedures
  • Providing disease specific education
  • Coaching on personalized goals
  • Assistance with coordination of care and medication management
  • Coordinating and taking calls or emails from patients in the program
  • Presenting the physician with an appropriate care plan
  • Updating the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

If you are not engaged in an approved CMS chronic care program, you and your practice may be missing out on extending care to your patients and significant reimbursement from CMS.

Why is ChronWell the best partner for your practice?

The ChronWell team has an extensive history working with specialists, understanding their practice needs, developing technology that matches the workflow of the specialist and layering services that help physicians focus on their top priorities. 


Direct Quotes From Our Patients:

Patient: "Thank you so much, you have really helped me. I am not where I want to be but am better than I was a month ago."

Patient: "I was so excited and couldn't wait to tell you about my increased exercise"

Conversations Between Our Care Navigators and Their Patients:

Care Navigator: "Do you want to challenge yourself and we can extend out the next appointment to a month? You can surprise me with your progress."

Patient: "I'll take that challenge, and surprise you even more."

Care Navigator: "I am so proud of your progress."

Patient: "I accomplished this with all your encouragement and patience."

Quick Start-Up Program

ChronWell has created an approach to help reduce the time needed to implement your program. We have developed a library of care plans designed for the the specialist. This approach significantly reduces the time to implement our program and allows the physicain to make appropriate changes to the process as needed. 

Quick Start-Up Program

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