Therapeutic Weight Loss

2 in every 5 patients suffer from obesity in the United States, however few practices have the personnel or incentives to tackle this problem effectively.  Our Therapeutic Weight Loss program combines multiple disciplines like diet, exercise, remote monitoring and coaching with advanced technologies to offer patients an effective treatment under your direct supervision.  Practices using our Therapeutic Weight Loss platform have a profitable service line delivering world-class results without any significant workload or the expense of hiring an army of nurses, dietitians, coaches, and supervisors.



The ChronWell Therapeutic Weight Loss program uses the latest technology to facilitate interaction between clinicians and patients at home. Various devices and wearables allow Care Managers to:

  • Connect with patient
  • Monitor and alert on biometric readings
  • Record activity and progress towards goals
  • Intervene as necessary

Care Managers can assess patient status using actionable insights and engage in appropriate conversation as needed. This contributes to stronger adherence and a watchful eye on high-risk patients. 


How We Measure Program Success



  • Cost of acquiring patient
  • Eligible patients / enrolled patients
  • Cost of care delivery
  • Patient lifetime value
  • Scope of service
  • Duration


  • Patient outcomes at certain intervals
  • Readmission rates
  • Medical adherence

Patient Engagement

  • Patient satisfaction (NPS)
  • Patient services utilization
  • Patient quality of life
  • Patient knowledge/education


  • Provider satisfaction
  • Cost to provider of acquiring patients
  • Revenues generated to provider

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