Empathy-driven Technology for the Injured Employee

Optimizing Recovery. Responsive and Personal Platforms.

The ChronWell workers’ compensation solution uses advanced technology and AI in combination with flesh-and-blood skilled professionals. Our innovative products are designed to transform care delivery and assist with outcomes for all parties—injured employees, employers, and insurers. We’ve brought a heightened level of coordinated care, compassion, and resolution to workers’ compensation with these products. The point: It’s not just about another claim attached to another number; it is about compassionately managing injured employees in a way that matters. And, that’s exactly what matters.

Ultimately, it is the ChronWell goal that a new 21st Century way of going about the business of workers’ compensation in America—through these inventive products—will help to efficiently ensure that the injured worker is able to return to work better and faster, and at a lower cost to the employer.

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