The Time Is Now for Recovry.

Recovry is a revolutionary new platform offering an intelligent alternative to the broken workers’ compensation system in America. Now is the time to reduce risk and help provide optimal health and financial outcomes.

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Delivering best-practice recommendations and assistance in real time, the platform is an innovative, holistic solution to the complex challenge of workplace injury management. It is designed to:

  • Manage workplace injuries
  • Help employees recover faster
  • Help insurers reduce litigation and claim costs

The starting point for Recovry is the Injury Hotline. Skilled flesh-and-blood professionals are supported by advanced technology and AI to determine the best level of care that is required for the injured employee, from simple first-aid treatments to on-site care, clinic referrals, or emergency care.


The Recovry App

Communicate with Ease

Designed for the new generation workplace, the Recovry App delivers instructions, activates benefits, eliminates paperwork, delivers injury specific information, and provides a personal recovery assistant [Chris] to help coordinate care and speed an injured employee’s recovery. The personal recovery assistant can help employees with appointment scheduling and payments, as well provide answers 
to general questions.

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