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When something isn’t working, we fix it

ChronWell is a change agent. We’re dedicated to changing how injured employees cope with workers’ compensation issues–from day one to the point of claim resolution. It’s about time, isn’t it? The norm to now has been a losing proposition for a new generation workplace that demands straightaway action and results.

The need for a workers’ compensation system that actually works in the best interest of the injured is why ChronWell stepped up as a leader for betterment: Seeking to achieve better outcomes for injured workers and better value for employers managing the workers’ compensation process.

A meaningful solution has arrived

ChronWell went on a quest to disrupt and overhaul the broken workers’ compensation system and replace it with a practical and innovative plan that works. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) hybrid approach collaboratively pairs technology with people—skilled healthcare and service professionals. AI is for real and serves as Chronwell’s core intelligence engine for injured worker monitoring, to provide specifics for recommendation actions and process improvements, and more.

By design, our approach is markedly results-oriented and people-centric. While it is cost-effective, efficient, and delivers tremendous value, perhaps even more importantly, it is a workable and realistic fix that’s driven by empathy and compassion. It is refreshingly far from business-as-usual.

Workers’ Compensation Reinvented by ChronWell: Transparency & Personalized Service

Today’s workers’ compensation system is in critical condition. Broken and in need of change, ChronWell is here to reinvigorate it with a solid, innovative solution. We’ve developed a 21st Century hybrid that uses AI technology to upend a problematic workers’ compensation system with a new and advanced course of action. Learn more about our AI hybrid technology and the products we offer:

ChronWell is turning workers compensation into a far less daunting and definitively more user-friendly system for all parties involved. For employees, employers, and insurers, it starts with bringing the concept of “care” back into health care with a focus on the big picture issues of employee wellbeing, communication, and coordination.

We’re no longer ruled by business as usual.

Workers’ compensation shouldn’t be either. ‘But we’ve always 
done it that way,’ is a statement that almost always precedes disappointment. By creating a new way of managing workers’ compensation claims and coordinated-care service, Chronwell is delivering a win-win solution that is destined to make a difference in today’s workplace and competitive marketplace, too.

We’re on to something big, and now you are too.

Powered by hybrid human-artificial intelligence (AI) technology, ChronWell is putting next-generation virtual case managers at your service to collaborate with skilled on-the-job care professionals.

The fix is nimble.
The fix is holistic.

Let’s start with the basics: How care is directed from the onset of an injury throughout the journey to its claim resolution conclusion.

Closing Medical

Innovative by design, the ChronWell Workers’ Compensation product solution provides real-time assistance with tools and analytics to more effectively manage claims for:

Checkmark Compliance Monitoring/Best Practices
Checkmark Claim Filing
Checkmark Notifications and Communications
Checkmark Intelligent Form Processing
Checkmark High-Risk Claim Exposure

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