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Through technology-enabled triage, our workers’ compensation method is designed to help select the right level of care. Our system helps to diminish the number of first-aid cases that become medical claims and the medical-only claims that become indemnity claims.

Do No Harm

We know how competitive the marketplace is. That’s why we’re filling a critical gap for intelligent process automation by providing the decision-making tools that give insurance companies insights for adjudicating claims and more, including follow through on related administrative processes. ChronWell helps you:

  • Get Connected
  • Access Structured and Unstructured Data
  • Learn Contextual Insights
  • Provide Real-Time Assistance
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The ChronWell mobile platform with AI-backed triage and care coordination services is a 21st Century solution to 21st Century workers compensation challenges. It’s a win-win for injured employees who are shown more compassion and for employers who can profit from our products: ChronWell FirstCare, ChronWell CareAssist, ChronWell RecoveryCentral.

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