What to Look for in CCM Software

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Telehealth is growing and as a result, there are many chronic care management solutions to choose from. Picking the right one for your practice can be complicated. 

So, what should you look out for when picking the right CCM software? Here’s a comprehensive guide. 

What is Chronic Care Management?

Chronic care management (CCM) is healthcare provided remotely to a patient suffering from one or more chronic conditions. 

As defined by the AAFP Foundation, such care lasts for a minimum of 12 months or until the patient dies. Practices might choose CCM over meeting face-to-face for numerous reasons, including: 

  • The patient lives remotely and is unable to travel frequently for in-person appointments 
  • To reduce healthcare costs for both the patient and the practice
  • To offer an improved service for patients outside of meeting times

CCM allows doctors to offer personalized service that fits patients’ schedules, and the technology empowers care teams to respond quickly when a patient’s condition changes. 

Integrating CCM into your healthcare strategy can also help to improve patients’ mental well-being. Knowing they have access to the treatment they need provides peace of mind, while reduced travel times lower stress levels. 

What Should You Look for When Picking CCM Software?

User-Friendly Software

2020 poll by Candoo Tech revealed the technological divide that exists across generations. 53% of older participants had more anxiety about learning how to use a smartphone or computer than visiting the dentist or doctor and hearing an odd sound at night, combined. 

In addition to the features it provides, user-friendly software should also factor in:

  • It’s easy to install and update
  • It’s efficient and easy to navigate
  • Interface is straightforward
  • Quick access to features, tools, and options

Providing the proper training is also vital for maintaining high levels of patient engagement. 

Secure Data Encryption

Clients are concerned about their data. According to statistics released by Pew Research in November 2019, 80% of American adults were either very or somewhat concerned about how companies use their personal data.

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The same research also revealed that most people felt like they didn’t have control over companies using their data. Many are aware that the healthcare sector has increasingly been targeted for cyberattacks in recent years. 

Healthcare practices are responsible to protect patients’ private information and reassure them that their data won’t be used maliciously. Choose a CCM platform with the highest level of encryption. Not only will you protect users’ data, but you could save millions by preventing breaches.

Comprehensive Data and Analytics Tools 

When care teams cannot meet with patients in person, they must rely on physiologic data collected by their CCM platform and devices to determine their condition. Monitoring and analyzing blood pressure, blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels, and other vital signs helps physicians understand the condition and predict changes.

Real-Time Information

Technology in healthcare empowers care teams to react much faster than would otherwise be possible. This is particularly important regarding chronic illnesses. A patient’s condition can change quickly and sometimes without warning. 

To help tackle issues when they arise, the CCM software you choose must provide real-time information so physicians can respond immediately. 

Proven Results 

Not all CCM platforms have proven results. Considering the complexity of managing chronic illnesses for practices, careful assessment can help ensure long-term satisfaction and success. Read reviews, consult peers, and consider a test run before committing to a solution. 

How ChronWell Can Help 

ChronWell offers a dynamic CCM platform that is scalable for healthcare practices of any size. Deliver customized care plans and improve patient engagement on a platform designed by experts with decades of experience. Our CCM technology also allows you to manage referrals and medication and integrate with other forms of digital healthcare. 

To see how our CCM technology can help you improve the quality of healthcare you offer while reducing costs, contact one of our experts today.

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